State of the Union releases thrilling sci-fi video for “Behind that Dress”

Another spectacular work of art from an underrated band.

State of the Union - Behind that Dress

Los Angeles-based futurepop artist State of the Union has an outstanding, high-concept music video out called “Behind that Dress.” It features a woman being chased by an assailant on a dark, stormy planet.

“Behind that Dress” appears to be a feminist anthem about women’s potential being snuffed out by men. I also detect elements of sexual violence in lines like, “The night is young. I smell the fear in you.” Those themes are spectacularly captured, albeit in an unexpected way, by the music video’s mini-movie.

State of the Union is no stranger to socio-political issues and high-concept music videos. In 2018, they released a video for “L.A. Soldier,” a song about homelessness, that is quite possibly one of the most moving videos I’ve ever seen.

“Behind that Dress” and another new song, “Bad Flower,” are from a new State of the Union EP that contains remixes from Ruined Conflict, C-Lekktor, Nordika, and other artists.

You can find the Bad Flower EP on Bandcamp and Spotify.

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