Watch Honey Beard’s pulsating new video “Black Skies”

“Dark Skies” is the first single from their upcoming dark synthpop album.

Honey Beard

The Canadian electronic duo Honey Beard has a new song out called “Black Skies.” It’s dark and pulsating just how I like it. You can watch the video below.

“Black Skies” is the first single from their upcoming album, which doesn’t have a name or release date yet. On Bandcamp, they promise it will be “dark synthpop.”

Honey Beard often gets grouped in with the synthwave movement, though I think they’ve broken free of the genre. Their music includes rich synthpop melodies and broader influences from dance, and they typically don’t fall for overused synthwave tropes like neon grids and twinkling video game arpeggios.

In 2019, Honey Beard released an EP called Whispers of Light that features two beautiful songs I love, “Like a Fire” and “Full of Stars.”

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