Black Nail Cabaret releases new album Gods Verging on Sanity

“You scream and I scream with you.”

Black Nail Cabaret

Black Nail Cabaret, the dark synth duo from Hungary, released their fifth studio album today. It’s called Gods Verging on Sanity, and it’s spectacular.

You can find it on Bandcamp and Spotify.

First track, “Black Lava,” is an absolute stunner. Emese’s beautiful vocals rise and fall as Krisztian’s synthesizers swirl all around. There’s a spoken word part near the end. I’ve had trouble getting through the rest of the album because I keep replaying track one!

I’m also quite taken with track seven, “Maelstrom,” which feels like an electronic ballad that picks up the tempo as the verses make way for the chorus. It might be the closest the album comes to a love song, while still retaining the dark, sensual tone of the other songs.

Prior to releasing the album, Black Nail Cabaret released a single called “No Gold” and a very vulnerable music video that featured Emese getting her long hair cut off.

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