Klack releases remix album, DEKLACKED VOL. 1

This is one of the best sets of remix artists I’ve ever seen.

Everybody must KLACK

Klack is a tremendously fun band that melds multiple influences like EBM, new beat, techno, and synthpop into one thrilling, cohesive sound. Today, they’re out with a collection of remixes of many of their best tracks.

The album, called DEKLACKED VOL. 1, contains 12 tracks. You can find it on Bandcamp. Buy it.

Today is the first Bandcamp Friday of 2021, which means Bandcamp is waiving its revenue share to help support artists whose livelihoods are disrupted by the ongoing pandemic.

DEKLACKED contains one of the best sets of remix artists I’ve ever seen. The incredible lineup includes Patrick Codenys of the legendary Front 242 (one of Klack’s biggest influences), Assemblage 23, Sweat Boys, Nevada Hardware, Physical Wash, SØLVE, Null Device, Iris, Seeming, Damascus Knives, Visceral Anatomy, and Caustic.

On Bandcamp, Klack writes, “Until this album Klack was a two-man factory, producing everything in house, including remixes of their own tracks. For DEKLACKED VOL. 1 Klack reached out to various respected friends and colleagues, including Patrick Codenys of the legendary Front 242, to rework their songs and add their own unique creative vision to the tracks. We think you’ll agree that the results are pretty incredible.”

I’m eager to dig into this album and check out the contributions from artists I follow closely like Sweat Boys, Seeming, and Iris. One of my favorite artists, Assemblage 23, remixes my favorite Klack track, “Faith in Me.” The song appeared on last year’s Probably EP and was number 49 on my list of the best synthpop songs of 2020.

Klack is a Wisconsin duo made up of Null Device’s Eric Oehler and Caustic’s Matt Fanale.

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