10 new songs you need to hear right now

A round-up of amazing new songs released over the weekend.

Cold Cave - Waving Hands

It was one of those weekends. So much music came out, I could barely keep up. Here are several new songs you should hear.

Erotic Elk (feat. Karen My) – “Watching You”

Swedish synthpop band Erotic Elk released one of my favorite songs last year, “The Living Pain.” So I stopped everything I was doing when they surprise-released a new song on Friday.

Eyes Without a Face – “Cold Moon”

Eyes Without a Face is a brand new band that released a stunning debut called “The Grift.” Second single “Cold Moon” proves it wasn’t a fluke. This is a very promising artist to keep an eye on.

Velvet Kills – “Bitch Face”

I’m not familiar with the Portuguese band Velvet Kills, but I will definitely be seeking out more music from them. This dark, seductive song is marvelous.

Cold Cave – “Waving Hands”

The last time we heard from Cold Cave was when they released their outstanding Sisters of Mercy-influenced “Promised Land.” They’re back with a cover of an Absolute Body Control classic.

Julian Muller (feat. Fragrance.) – “We Are”

Fragrance is one of my favorite new artists. He’s doing vocals on a new track from electronic musician Julian Muller.

Torul – “The Sooner The Better” (Teniversia Version)

Slovenian synthpop artist Torul is releasing a greatest hits comp featuring new recordings of their songs with current singer Maj Valerij. “The Sooner The Better” is one of Torul’s best.

District 13 (feat. Scott Mick) – “Throw It Off”

German synthpop band District 13 has teamed up with vocalist Scott Mick of Panic and Pain and Theatre of Shock Therapy. It’s the first song from their forthcoming album.

Vogue.Noir – “Resolution”

This song actually came out a week ago, but I’m just now catching on to it. And I love it. The old-school analogue synths bear a slight resemblance to Boy Harsher, and the vocals are bold and seductive.

Klack – “Distancing”

Important public service announcement from Klack: “Stay home from work!” The tongue-in-cheek, yet still vital song “Distancing” is a Weird Al-like remake of Klack’s track “Discipline.”

Promenade Cinema – “Nothing Nouveau”

I’ve already covered Promenade Cinema’s new album release, Exit Guides. The nearly 8-minute long track “Nothing Nouveau” is a glorious epic that’s my favorite new song from the album.

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