Listen to the debut album from She Hates Emotions

“You’re dancing in the neon lights. And while you’re dancing all your troubles seem so far away.”

She Hates Emotions

The debut album from Chris Pohl’s new solo project, She Hates Emotions, is out today. Melancholic Madness is ’80s-inspired dark synthpop with extremely catchy songs about loneliness and heartbreak.

You can find it on Bandcamp and Spotify.

Prior to today, She Hates Emotions released two fantastic singles that rocketed this album to the top of my most anticipated releases list. You can watch the music videos for “See the Light” and “Edge of the Night”¬†at my previous posts.

Chris Pohl is of course the frontman of the very famous German band Blutengel. While his voice is unmistakable, his new project has its own sound distinct from Blutengel. He says, “She Hates Emotions is minimalist synth music with an 80’s touch. The focus is not on the bombast or production, but rather on the catchy, melancholic melody.”

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