Llumen explores health and recovery on Polygon Heart

Llumen’s Pieter Coussement experienced a serious health crisis in recent years.


Belgian electro act Llumen has a new album out called Polygon Heart that features densely layered electro with cold, steady beats and emotionally charged lyrics. I’m still digesting the album, but it contains a nice variety of club thumpers, mid-tempo introspective pieces, and at least one love song.

Llumen mastermind Pieter Coussement says the songs on Polygon Heart are more autobiographical than ever. He went through a serious health crisis since releasing his debut album, and many of the songs reflect the emotional struggle of recovery. You can already sense that theme in song titles like “Lifeline” and “Like My Pain.”

The Bandcamp notes describe the album like this: “Polygon Heart reflects that very personal post-surgery rebirth, meticulously pinpointing past events and finding a path out of the dark, hoping to heal his broken heart once more.”

Polygon Heart includes the first single from the album, a track called “The Dark in Her Eyes” that is eight minutes of dark, thumping electro with melancholic lyrics and sinister melodies. The song was released earlier this year on a six-track EP that included remixes from Implant, Entrzelle, and Auger.

Llumen’s debut album, The Memory Institute, was released in 2017 and featured the superb single, “Cold in December.” 

You can find Polygon Heart on Bandcamp and Spotify.

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