New album from Llumen coming this summer

It’s been nearly five years since we last heard from Llumen.


The Belgian electro project Llumen will return this summer with a new full-length album called The Polygon Heart. It’s been nearly five years since we last heard from Llumen, and I’m very excited he’s back.

He’s already released the first single from the album, a track called “The Dark in Her Eyes” that is eight minutes of dark, thumping electro with melancholic lyrics and sinister melodies. The song appears on a new six-track EP that includes remixes from Implant, Entrzelle, and Auger. It is accompanied by another new song called “The Path Leads Me Home.”

You can listen to The Dark in Her Eyes EP on Bandcamp.

Llumen is the project of Belgian artist Pieter Coussement. Pieter says the new album is more autobiographical than ever, informed by a serious health crisis that prevented him from recording new music. According to the notes at Bandcamp, songs on the upcoming album will reflect his personal post-surgery rebirth.

I am really looking forward to this album. As someone who’s been through my own serious health crisis, I love music that speaks to our individual fragility and the emotional turmoil that accompanies sickness and recovery.

The Polygon Heart is the follow-up to Llumen’s debut album, 2017’s The Memory Institute, which featured the superb single, “Cold in December.” Shortly after the album was released, I messaged Pieter on Facebook about another track I love called “New Moon Rise” that has an incredible whiplash sound in the chorus. He quickly responded and sent me the lyrics, which made my day.

Pieter hasn’t announced the release date yet for The Polygon Heart, but he has revealed the names of the songs. Here they are in no particular order:

  • All Things Broken
  • Desert Land
  • Did I Let You Go
  • Lifeline
  • Like My Pain
  • My Heart Inside Your Hands
  • Polygon Heart
  • The Path That Leads Me Home
  • The Scars I Made
  • The Dark Inside Her Eyes

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