New albums from Pet Shop Boys, Eisfabrik, Anders Manga, and White Mansion

This week’s new synthpop releases.

Pet Shop Boys - Hotspot

Pet Shop Boys

Hotspot is Pet Shop Boys’ 14th album and the final part of a trilogy produced by Stuart Price, who helped them return to their clubby, electropop roots. Honestly, it’s a mixed bag for me. Track 1, “Will-o-the-wisp,” is the clear standout, but it goes downhill fast. Final track “Wedding in Berlin” is so embarrassingly awful, you have to hear it once.

Kryothermalmusik aus der Eisfabrik

German futurepop band Eisfabrik have released their 5th album in the dead of winter, which seems appropriate for the ice-themed band. We’ve already heard “And Nothing Turns” and “White Sheet,” and the rest of this album is pretty solid. On first listen, I’m really enjoying “Too Late” and “Grim Reaper.”

Anders Manga
Buy it on Bandcamp.

A couple of weeks ago, darkwave artist Anders Manga released an outstanding new song called “Rosaries and Requiems” that I can’t get enough of. I’ve had it on heavy rotation since. So I’ve really been looking forward to hearing the other songs on Andromeda.

White Mansion
Buy it on Bandcamp.

White Mansion is a post-punk, dark alternative band from Arkansas, and Human is their debut album. First single, “Clear Your Hand,” really got my attention, so I’ve been anticipating this release.

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