Nostalgia Deathstar release debut album, Charged Attachment

The band makes music inspired by their ’80s heroes like David Bowie and New Order.

Nostalgia Deathstar

UK duo Nostalgia Deathstar has released their debut album, Charged Attachment. The band makes music inspired by their ’80s heroes like David Bowie and New Order, but filtered through a modern lens.

The songs on Charged Attachment were recorded and released once per month in 2020, a trend that seems to be taking off in the streaming era. This is the first time they’ve been collected as a single release.

In press notes, the band says:

Each song was an experiment that embraced the rough edges of the sonic errors and mistaken shapes of electronic music. They were documents of a point in time… unfinished… imperfect.

Charged Attachment is woven from those recordings. The album includes the song, “Mind Bombing,” which I named one of the best songs of 2020. The song’s chorus bears a slight resemblance to the melody from the Furs’ “Heartbreak Beat,” but it melds it to a chaotic tempo and some spoken-word elements.

In addition to the new album, Nostalgia Deathstar also appears on the forthcoming Generation Blitz compilation of songs inspired by the Blitz Club era. The compilation will include 34 tracks from electronic artists across the world. It’s coming next month, but a teaser called the “White Label Edition” features their track “Dead ’80s.” You can find Generation Blitz (White Label) exclusively on Spotify.

Nostalgia Deathstar are vocalist Martin James and musician Sean Albiez. The two met more than 16 years ago and got their start collaborating on a cover of “Hallo Spaceboy” for a David Bowie memorial event in Southampton in 2017.

You can find Charged Attachment exclusively on Bandcamp. It will be released to streaming platforms next month.

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