10 new songs out today you should hear

New music from Video L’Eclipse, The Mystic Underground, RROYCE, and more.

Lights of Euphoria

There are a whole bunch of new songs out today. I can’t write a separate post about each one, but I wanted to call attention to some of my favorites. So let’s do a roundup.

Video L’Eclipse – “Signals”

Swedish band Video L’Eclipse blew me away last year with their debut album, Predicts, for its Cold War beats and an incredible new voice. I had the pleasure of debuting their new song “Signals” when I was the guest DJ on Communion After Dark. It’s officially out today.

Lights of Euphoria – “Man and Machine”

German electro band Lights of Euphoria is joining the emerging trend of releasing a new song each month. Their June edition, “Man and Machine,” is a melodic dance track with a lovely, memorable chorus.

The Mystic Underground – “Peter”

“Peter” is the first new song from New York’s The Mystic Underground since their 2020 album Wrapped in Riddles. Singer Vlad Valette tells me it’s partially inspired by Peter Pan and someone he once knew named Peter.

BLACKBOOK – “Emergency Love”

The enigmatic Swiss band BLACKBOOK have been steadily releasing singles since 2018. “Emergency Love,” their second track this year, is a catchy electronic bop about the power of love.

O+HER – “Nothing Like Midnight”

Swedish duo O+HER, a new project from Tobias Bernstrup and ABU NEIN’s Erica Li Lundqvist, is one of my favorite discoveries of the year. “Nothing Like Midnight” is their fourth single.

RROYCE – “Another”

German project RROYCE will release their fourth album in August. Its second single, “Another,” addresses the topic of sexualized violence and sexual abuse of power. The age-restricted music video premieres today and features images that may be triggering to some.

Beyond Obsession – “Scientists”

German synthpop band Beyond Obsession is back with a Rob Dust-produced song called “Scientists” that features the gorgeous harmonies and compelling lyrics they’ve become known for. It’s the band’s first new music since their 2020 album, Revolution From Below.

Esoterik – “Tria Prima”

“Tria Prima” is the standout track from Esoterik’s latest album, Alchemy, which the US duo released earlier this year. Today, this elegant songs gets an official music video.

Causeway – “Loser”

West coast synthwave duo Causeway joined the famed Italians Do It Better label, once home to The Chromatics. Their debut album out today includes new single “Loser” and a cover of one of my favorite songs, New Order’s “Your Silent Face.”

SPECTRA*paris – “Devious”

Italian singer Elena Alice Fossi, best known for her work with Kirlian Camera, has released a wild new track called “Devious.” It’s the first single from the forthcoming album “Modernism” by her dark electro project SPECTRA*paris.

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