Beyond Border releases epic new single called “Construction”

I absolutely love this new band!

Beyond Border - Construction

Beyond Border just might be my favorite discovery of the year. The energetic futurepop band released a new single called “Construction.”

This song absolutely rules. “Construction” is a dancefloor stomper with frenetic blasts of sound and a twinkling synthline. The chorus delivers catchy, anthemic lyrics about our own undoing that are somewhat reminiscent of themes explored by VNV Nation:

“We celebrate our own destruction. Just keeping going on and on.
We’re tearing down our own construction. We’ll never realize what’s wrong.”

The release includes the original single edit and four remixes from Evo-Lution, MassivInMensch, Outsized, and Frozen Plasma.

You can find it on Bandcamp.

Listen to Beyond Border perform live

Beyond Border played “Construction” at a show last December in their hometown of Hanover, Germany. They’ve uploaded the audio from that performance to Youtube so you can get an idea of how they sound live.

During the performance, Beyond Border played songs they’ve previously released, including “Where Are You” and “Neurotic.” You can find those songs and get more info about Beyond Border in my previous post.

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