DSTR releases bangin’ cover of Moderat’s “Bad Kingdom”

DSTR’s cover of “Bad Kingdom” features German singer Lennart A. Salomon.


German electronic music project DSTR (pronounced “destroid”) has a new song out called “Bad Kingdom” that features vocals from singer Lennart A. Salomon. It’s a synthpop banger that is currently in heavy rotation at my house.

“Bad Kingdom” is a cover song that was originally recorded by another German band, Moderat, for their 2013 sophomore album, II. Moderat is sort of an electronic supergroup made up of members of Modeselektor and Apparat. Their live performances are something spectacular.

DSTR previously performed “Bad Kingdom” live, but this is the first time it’s gotten an official release. Their version adds an ’80s dimension to the song thanks to Lennart’s new wave melodies.

Lennart is a German singer and musician best known as the voice of Sono, an electropop band that began releasing music in 2001. He recently contributed vocals to two songs from the new music project Morphose.

As for DSTR, it’s one of many musical projects from electronic maestro Daniel Myer, who should need no introduction. Daniel is probably best known for his pioneering band, Haujobb, but he also belongs to Architect, Liebknecht, Radioaktivists, and several others. In 2011, he became a member of Covenant.

DSTR is no stranger to producing cover songs. In 2010, their Silent World EP included a cover of Sisters of Mercy’s “Lucretia My Reflection.” More recently, they covered “What Else Is There,” an incredible track from Norwegian duo Röyksopp that featured vocals from Fever Ray’s Karin Dreijer.

You can find DSTR’s cover of “Bad Kingdom” on Bandcamp and Spotify.

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