Morphose feat. Lennart A. Salomon – “Spin the Wheel”

Morphose is a new project from German musician Christoph Schauer of the band Cyto.

I’ve been patiently waiting for music from the new Morphose project since he announced earlier this year that he was collaborating with Neuroticfish frontman Sascha Mario Klein. We finally have new music—it’s not the Neuroticfish collaboration, but it was still worth the wait.

“Spin the Wheel” is a new song featuring singer Lennart A. Salomon that’s dark and mysterious with a heavy, foreboding atmosphere. This is a really promising start for the project.

Morphose is a new endeavor from German musician Christoph Schauer of the band Cyto. The project’s debut EP was originally planned for a September release, but it appears he’s still working on it. Cyto’s last album was 2019’s Antimatter, which contained a fun song called “Dressed to Creep.”

As for the vocalist, Lennart A. Salomon is a German singer and musician best known as the voice of Sono. Sono is an electronic band that began releasing music in 2001. Their most recent release is the 2018 album, Human.

I can’t find “Spin the Wheel” anywhere except on Youtube at the moment, but it will hopefully be hitting digital music platforms soon.

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