New project Morphose features Neuroticfish collaboration

Volume 1 will be out September 24.


German electronic music project Neuroticfish has been relatively quiet since releasing their last album, 2018’s Antidoron. But now there is a sign of life.

Earlier this week, frontman Sascha Mario Klein revealed on social media that he’s recently overcome writer’s block by collaborating on a new project called Morphose. The project is a new endeavor from musician Christoph Schauer of the band Cyto.

Morphose will release The Inexplicable Darkness of Light Vol. 1 on September 24, 2021. Schauer tells me it’s an EP that will be followed by a second volume in 2022. He’ll also be releasing an accompanying foto work called The Inexplicable Darkness of Light.

We don’t know yet how many songs Sascha will participate in. On social media, he describes working on a demo track called “Move Out.”

Morphose has already released a song called “Voyager” that should give us an idea what the sound is like. It’s very ambient and cinematic, which will create a compelling combination with Sascha’s vocals. First track “Voyager” features vocals from German singer Viktorija Kukule.

Sascha says working on Morphose has relieved him of writer’s block brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

I was lucky to stay healthy and I hope I will be in the future, but something killed my inspiration and my drive to write music instantly. I had so many plans for releases, shows, etc.—but nothing got me writing. To be honest, I admire and envy artists who can sit down and write. I can’t—I need some kind of input, I need something to fuel my machine.

In addition to Morphose, Sascha is back to working on Neuroticfish again. He says he’s in the zone and back on track. Neurotfish’s last album, Antidoron, featured the single “Fluchtreflex.”

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