Neuroticfish guests on new Morphose song, “Moveout”

Morphose is a new project from German musician Christoph Schauer of the band CYTO.


If you’ve been clamoring for new material from Neuroticfish, you’re in for a treat. Frontman Sascha Klein is the featured vocalist and lyricist on the new song “Moveout” from an emerging electronic music project called Morphose.

“Moveout” has been a long time coming. The collaboration with Neuroticfish was announced way back in May 2021 but has been delayed. Since that announcement, Morphose released a different single called “Spin the Wheel” that features vocals from German singer Lennart A. Salomon.

Morphose may be a new endeavor, but it comes from a veteran music produce: German musician Christoph Schauer of the band CYTO. Christoph also produces scores for films and television series. Here’s how he describes Morphose:

The music is very dynamic and intense. Every single piece describes a self-contained short film. MORPHOSE is a trip to the reasons and abysses of human states of perception. A fragmentary soundtrack of human existence and becoming, a form that never can be fixed.

Both “Moveout” and “Spin the Wheel” are expected to appear on an upcoming Morphose release called The Inexplicable Darkness of Light that will include other featured guests. The release was previously described as an EP and scheduled to arrive last summer, but it’s now slated for October 14, 2022.

As for Neuroticfish, we last heard new music from the beloved German band in 2018 when they released their outstanding sixth album, Antidoron. It includes the songs “Fluchtreflex” and “Fail to Disagree.”

It’s possible we might be hearing from Neuroticfish in the near future. Sascha said on social media that working with Christoph in Morphose relieved him of writer’s block brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Right now, “Moveout” appears to be exclusively available on Youtube. But it should be coming to other streaming services soon. You can find previous Morphose songs on Bandcamp from Infacted Recordings.

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