Listen to the remix collection of BlakLight’s “Unknown Love”

“Unknown Love” is from one of my favorite albums of 2020.


BlakLight, one of my favorite new synthpop artists, has a new remix collection out for their 2020 single “Unknown Love.” It features eight remixes of the track with wildly diverse styles.

You can find “Unknown Love” on Bandcamp and Spotify.

Remix artists include Nite, Hollowlove, Matthias, Sea of Sin, Darwinmcd, and Obsession of Time. There’s also a stripped-down acoustic guitar version of the track from BlakLight themselves. Nite has turned “Unknown Love” into a fiery, rockin’ track, while Hollowlove has added additional melodies that sound like female vocals.

This is the second remix collection from BlakLight. They previously released a set of remixes of their debut song, “Isolation,” that included remixes by Nature of Wires, Vain Machine, and other synthpop artists.

“Unknown Love” and “Isolation” are from BlakLight’s debut album, Music in a Time of Uncertainty. I named it number 10 on my list of the best synthpop albums of 2020. The album was written and composed during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it touches on themes of social isolation, unrest, and longing.

The band is based in Los Angeles and comprised of vocalist Brian Belknap from Mind Machine and programmer Adam Collier from Crush333, MDA, and Full Frontal Disco. For more about BlakLight, We Are Cult recently interviewed them here.

BlakLight is already at work on their sophomore album.

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