Mysterious new band BLACKBOOK just dropped a bomb

I love everything about this.


BLACKBOOK is a synthpop duo from Switzerland. They released a new song yesterday called “People Are Fake” that just punches everybody in the fucking throat. The verses sounds a bit like a filthier version of Depeche Mode, and the lyrics are jacked full of attitude.

Choice lines: “Your fans. Your friends. Your favorite bands are FAKE!”

You can find “People Are Fake” on Bandcamp, Spotify, and on Youtube below.

“People Are Fake” is only the third song from BLACKBOOK. They previously released the songs “I Dance Alone” and “Love Is a Crime,” which both had a bit of brighter palette than the new song. “Love Is a Crime” comes with a beautiful, pro-LGBT video. All three songs are quite compelling.


BLACKBOOK recently signed to darkTunes, and they’re currently working on their debut album. After listening to “People Are Fake,” I really wanted to know more about this band. It turns out they’re pretty mysterious, and there’s not a lot of info online. They also appear masked in photos.

BLACKBOOK’s bio on Bandcamp says:

One half of the duo is responsible for various radio hits which are still among the most played Swiss songs, as well as the title song of a successful international Netflix series.

The other half is a musician of several of the best-known acts in Switzerland. His history as a songwriter and producer includes numerous chart successes and number 1 hits.

You’ve got my attention. I definitely want to hear more about this band.

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