New synthpop act Pale Meridians covers a KISS classic

Pale Meridians is a synthpop trio that formed in 2022.

Pale Meridians

When new synthpop projects emerge, they often cover classic tracks to find their sound and hone their craft. That usually means covering pioneers of the scene like Depeche Mode, Erasure, or Pet Shop Boys.

New band Pale Meridians bucks the trend. They’ve really caught my attention with an out-of-the-box cover of the KISS classic, “I Was Made for Loving You.”

“I Was Made for Loving You” remains the most famous song from the classic rock band KISS, who are probably better known for their iconic makeup than their songwriting chops. Like most KISS lyrics, the lyrics of “I Was Made for Loving You” are deeply silly.

But Pale Meridians make it special. They stretch out the vocals into a mid-tempo drawl that employs a lower registry characteristic of most futurepop. At times, they add electrified vocal effects. And of course, they replace the famous guitar riffs with bouncing synth blips. You’d never know this was a KISS song if you weren’t familiar with the original.

“I Was Made for Loving You” is just the second song we’ve heard from Pale Meridians. The first, an original track called “Go Well,” arrived last year. The band’s cavernous vocals sound really effective, making this a project to watch.

Pale Meridians, which just formed in 2022, is an international trio comprised of Amir Katz from Israel, Guy Rotem from the UK, and Denis Mikhalev of Russia. They’re currently working on their debut album, which will hopefully be out in the fall.

You can find “I Was Made for Loving You” on Spotify.

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