Listen to the new single from unitcode:machine

“Undone” is produced by Stabbing Westward frontman Chris Hall.


One of the rising stars in dark electronic music, unitcode:machine, returns next month with a new song called “Undone.” The single gets officially released on March 3, 2023, but you can hear it now on Youtube.

“Undone” is a throbbing electro-industrial banger produced by Chris Hall, founder and lead singer of the industrial rock band Stabbing Westward. It sounds incredibly heavy thanks to guitar from Stabbing Westward’s bass player, Carlton Bost, who also plays guitar for Orgy and the classic new wave band Berlin.

As if all this talent wasn’t enough, the single release includes remixes by two other big names in the scene, Aesthetic Perfection and Assemblage 23, who strip the song of guitar and amp up the electronic elements. I particularly like how AP’s Daniel Graves puts his own spin on “Undone” with his signature distorted vocals.

Here’s what the press notes say about the new track:

“Undone” is a shiny industrial/pop hybrid brimming with passion, emotion, and heart. “How can I keep going on if I am only holding on” – Eric K’s vocal delivery grabs you right out of the gate and never lets go. This powerful single is the first taste of unitcode:machine’s new material produced by Chris Hall/Stabbing Westward.

Unitcode:machine is an electro-industrial project from Texas-based musician Eric Kristoffer. His last album, 2021’s Themes for a Collapsing Empire, includes the pummeling single “Falling Down,” which I included on my countdown of the year’s best songs.

Pre-order “Undone” on Bandcamp.

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