Technophobia releases new song, “Rattle in Your Chest”

Hey, I know these people in real life!


It’s always a thrill to write about new music from people you know in real life. Katie and Steve Petix, the couple behind Technophobia, are part of Washington DC’s alternative scene and responsible for many events here, including 2018’s excellent Tiny Cat Dark Music Festival. I’ve met them several times (we live in the same neighborhood!), and they are both lovely.

Technophobia has been working hard on new music, and they return today with a new song called “Rattle in Your Chest.” You can find it on Bandcamp and Spotify.

The thrumming and reverberating analog synths in this track sound fantastic, and Katie’s vocals feel raw and emotional. I get a real Florence Welch vibe from the single’s cover art and some of the song’s romantic lines: “Hear that sound. I’m the rattle in your chest.”

Technophobia announces new album, Some of Us Are Looking at the Stars

“Rattle in Your Chest” is the first new music from Technophobia since their 2016 album, Flicker Out. It’s also the first single from their just-announced sophomore album, Some of Us Are Looking at the Stars, which is now available for pre-order. It will be out on December 4.

Here’s the complete tracklisting and cover art from Some of Us Are Looking at the Stars:

  1. Rattle In Your Chest
  2. One Spark
  3. As Long As Earth Meets Sky
  4. Follow Me Down
  5. The Origin
  6. Unsettled
  7. Silent Sailor
  8. Tied Up In You
  9. Dear Reader (Skeleton Key Cover)
  10. Latency

Technophobia - Some of Us are Looking at the Stars

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