TR/ST unveils new song “Soon,” teases 2024 album

Listen to “Soon” and read the lyrics.


TR/ST released a new song today called “Soon.” It’s one of a handful of tracks TR/ST has released since joining the influential darkwave label Dais Records last year.

“Soon” is a swooning synthpop confection with rumbling bass, twinkling keys, and the unmistakeable nasally crooning of singer/songwriter/producer Robert Alfons. It belongs to the more accessible realm of TR/ST songs along with tracks like “Gone” and “Iris.”

Earlier this year, TR/ST released a self-titled EP that includes a cover of the Pet Shop Boys classic, “Being Boring,” and the official release of fan-favorite track “Slug.” That EP marked a new era for TR/ST. In addition to joining Dais, he began working with a bevy of new producers. “Soon” is co-produced by Alfons and Los Angeles-based music producer Nightfeelings, who worked on last year’s “Robrash.”

TR/ST also revealed today that’s he working on a new album planned for release in 2024. Robert is not yet ready to share any details, such as the album’s title or tracklisting. It will be the follow-up to a pair of albums he released in 2019 called The Destroyer – Parts 1 and 2. I named The Destroyer Part 1 the best album of the year.

You can find “Soon” on Bandcamp and Spotify.

TR/ST “Soon” lyrics

Like many TR/ST songs, the lyrics to “Soon” are enigmatic and open to interpretation. Here they are:

Asleep I still say it aloud
Scared stiff it’s all around
We never did call it off, now our organs dried
Scared stiff to stone, you liar

We still say hello
Scared stiff it’s all around
I remember calling cars our good boy
Scared stiff to stone, you liar

And I said and you said we’d try
To the soil now you know it’s goodbye

We still say hello
Scared stiff you’re all around
We never got around, now our organs dried
Scared stiff to stone, you liar

He said soon
It’s your life
It stays cold
Before lightning

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