Vaylon releases gorgeous new single, “Unsung Symphony”

“Unsung Symphony” is the third single from Vaylon this year.

Vaylon - Unsung Symphony

The Scandanavian synthpop project Vaylon has a new song out today called “Unsung Symphony.” It’s a lovely mid-tempo piece with a beautifully understated bit of a piano and the unmistakably romantic voice of Ole Ulrich Jensen.

The release features two remixes, including a faster-paced club mix by Jensen’s other project, Reliant. There’s also another new song called “Tree of Lies.”

You can find “Unsung Symphony” on Bandcamp.

Vaylon has been steadily releasing new material this year. “Unsung Symphony” is their third single of 2020, following a track called “Time Flies” they released in April and a very special song called “Ghost” that came out at the start of the year.

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