Project Pitchfork’s Dirk Scheuber releases new solo album called Numb

Numb includes Scheuber’s latest single, “Tetatest.”

Scheuber - Numb


Scheuber’s new album, Numb, is out today. It includes “Tetatest,” the single he released a few weeks ago, along with nine new tracks of dark electronic music.

You can find Numb on Juno Download, Spotify, and other digital platforms.


German electronic musician Scheuber is set to release his latest solo album, Numb, on February 11. He’s already released the music video for the album’s first single, a track called “Tetatest.” You can watch it below.

“Tetatest” is one of 10 new tracks that will appear on Numb. The album doesn’t include last year’s stunning songs “Burn the Sun” and “Never Been Missed” that Scheuber recorded with new artist Danny Wollank.

Numb is the follow-up album to 2019’s Shades, which featured a great song called “Smoker.” It was among my best synthpop songs of 2019.

You probably know Scheuber as musician Dirk Scheuber, cofounder and keyboardist of Project Pitchfork. He’s been described as the “introverted, quiet, and reflective half” of the band.

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