Body of Light announce new album, Bitter Reflection

Listen to the first single “Never Ever.”

Body of Light

Arizona duo Body of Light just revealed plans for their next album, which will be called Bitter Reflection. It’s due out from Dais Records on June 30.

They’ve also released the first single from Bitter Reflection, a track called “Never Ever” that features a very soothing saxophone.

Bitter Reflection is Body of Light’s fourth album and potentially their most ambitious one yet. Working with producer Josh Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv, the band adds live instrumentation to their sound, including piano, bass, acoustic guitar, and sax.

Here’s what the press notes say about Bitter Reflection:

Sampled snippets of voice, noise, synth, and field recordings flicker in the periphery of Bitter Reflection’s 11 tracks, murmuring like nostalgias half-forgotten, or displaced memories. This is music pulled between twin flames of truth and desire, romanticization and reality, catharsis and control, born of a bond sealed by years, dreams, and blood.

Bitter Reflection spins through a gallery of Body Of Light’s ongoing fascinations: Depeche-esque declarations of dread and excess, brooding dance floor epiphanies, lovesick looking glass ballads laced with Art Of Noise orchestral stabs, and smooth, Thomas Dolby city skyline melancholias—the latter showcased on Body Of Light’s new single, “Never Ever.”

We last heard from Body of Light in 2019 when they released their third album, Time to Kill. I included it on my list of the year’s best albums and its infectious title track as number two on my list of the year’s best songs.

Bitter Reflection tracklisting and cover art

Bitter Reflection’s 11 tracks include three instrumentals. Here’s the complete tracklisting and cover art:

  1. Get It Right
  2. Strike the Match
  3. This Conversation
  4. Fortia
  5. Bitter Reflection
  6. Out of Season
  7. Never Ever
  8. On This Day
  9. Hyena
  10. Las Repose
  11. Deepcolorlights

You can pre-order Bitter Reflection on Bandcamp and listen to the new single.

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