Frozen Plasma reveals tracklisting, snippets for new album Gezeiten

Gezeiten finally has a release date: May 29.

Frozen Plasma

UPDATE: Gezeiten finally has an official release date! Frozen Plasma will be releasing their fourth studio album on May 29.

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The band comprised of electronic maestro Vasi Vallis and singer Felix Marc released their first single, “Hypocrite“, in 2005. This year, they’re releasing their fourth studio album, Gezeiten.

Gezeiten is German for tides. On Facebook, Vasi Vallis says the album’s title is “representative of the ebbs and flows of life. We are presently experiencing uncertain times but we as humanity will overcome this big challenge.”

Gezeiten will be released sometime in mid-May. You can listen to snippets of the new album here:

Limited Edition Metal Box Set

In addition to the new album, Frozen Plasma is also releasing a limited edition collectors edition bundle. It will contain metal box sets of the new album, plus their three previous albums: Artificial, Monumentum, and Dekadenz. The bundle also includes a 15-year anniversary patch, 15-year anniversary sticker, autograph cards, and more. It’s limited to 300 copies.

Order it here.

Gezeiten tracklisting

Gezeiten will contain 12 tracks. You can definitely see a tidal/nautical theme present in track titles like “Rivers,” “Nautic,” and “Sailor.”

  1. Sailor
  2. Exit
  3. Westend
  4. Gefühlsmaschine
  5. Another Girl
  6. Rivers
  7. Chameleon Love
  8. Badlands
  9. Safe. Dead. Harm.
  10. Etmal
  11. Nautic
  12. Almond Flowers 20/20

We’ve already heard the singles “Gefühlsmaschine” and “Safe. Dead. Harm.”

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