J:dead will release two EPs this year

Vision of Time, coming February 18, is the follow-up to j:dead’s debut album, A Complicated Genocide.


One of last year’s best new artists, the electronic music project j:dead, is planning to release two EPs this year. The first, Vision of Time, is coming February 18. We’ve already heard its first single “I’ll Wait,” which arrived in December with a music video.

“I’ll Wait” will be accompanied by five new songs that convey j:dead’s strong blend of electronic beats and multi-dimensional vocals. I love the way he’s able to switch seamlessly from soothing synthpop melodies to aggressive wails. The Vision of Time EP also includes an additional seven remixes from acts such as Rotersand, The Saint Paul, Nature of Wires, Lights of Euphoria, and others.

Here’s what j:dead says about Vision of Time:

The concept around the EP covers a range of situations and perspectives on time being the only thing we cannot change. And time itself can change things for the better, worse, or for change’s sake.

Vision of Time will be followed by a second EP that’s expected in late 2022. We don’t know much about it yet, but j:dead says it will feature further collaboration and remixes.

The pair of EPs arrives shortly after j:dead’s excellent debut album, A Complicated Genocide, which I included on my list of the best albums of 2021. It featured the singles, “Feeding On Me” and “A Complicated Genocide.”

You can pre-order Vision of Time at Bandcamp.

Vision of Time tracklisting and cover art

  1. I’ll Wait
  2. Whole
  3. Hold Tight
  4. Afraid
  5. Evil In A Bottle
  6. A Little Time
  7. I’ll Wait (Teknovore Remix)
  8. I’ll Wait (Lights Of Euphoria Remix)
  9. Afraid (Nature of Wires Remix)
  10. Hold Tight (Rotersand Remix)
  11. Hold Tight (The Saint Paul Remix)
  12. Hold Tight (Station Echo Remix)
  13. Whole (Life Cried Remix)

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