New Pet Shop Boys EP called Lost coming in April

The Lost EP is coming April 15.

Pet Shop Boys

Pet Shop Boys announced yesterday on social media that they’ll be releasing a new EP called Lost on April 15. It will be the Boys’ first new music in two years though they did appear last year on a Soft Cell track called “Purple Zone.”

Lost features four songs that were originally written and recorded as demos in 2015 for the album Super. They were ultimately left off because they didn’t fit the album. Super was part two of a trilogy of albums produced with Stuart Price that saw the Boys return to uptempo club tracks. It included the songs “The Pop Kids” and “The Dictator Decides.”

Neil Tennant says they’re releasing the songs now as an EP because:

“They all sit together quite well, production-wise, they’re all super-electronic,” and also because “some of them are sort of relevant to the world at the moment.”

The songs on Lost are titled:

  1. The Lost Room
  2. I Will Fall
  3. Skeletons in the Closet
  4. Kaputnik

Pet Shop Boys’ last album was 2020’s Hotspot, which featured the singles “Dreamland” and “Monkey Business.” It’s quite possibly my least favorite album in the PSB catalog. I did enjoy first track “Will-o-the-wisp,” which I included in my countdown of the best synthpop songs of the year.

It’s a big year for classic acts like Pet Shop Boys. Among the most anticipated releases of the year, we’re also getting new music from Depeche Mode, The Cure, and VNV Nation.

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