New Strvngers album, Death Is the Only Way Out, coming November 8

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Canadian darkwave band Strvngers are releasing their third album, Death Is the Only Way Out, on November 8. Their last album, Amor/Noir, had some spectacular tracks (listen to “This Is Not a Phase” and “Fetisha”), so I’m really looking forward to this one.

I finally managed to find the cover art and a complete tracklisting. This things look epic. 14 songs. 1 hour 5 minutes running time. Pitch-black titles like “Futility” and “Necromancer.”

Here is the tracklisting:

01 Abre Los Ojos
02 Frailty
03 Criminal
04 Misery
05 Prison of Flesh
06 976 – Evil
07 Crucifixxx
08 Necromancer
09 La Petite Mort
10 Swan Dive
11 My Black Queen
12 Intransigent
13 Futility
14 Death Is the Only Way Out…

They’ve already released an incredible video for the title track. Watch it here:


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