VNV Nation shares teaser and release date for Electric Sun

Listen to a portion of a song called “Sunflare.”

VNV Nation

Electric Sun delayed for two weeks

The release of VNV Nation’s next album, Electric Sun, has been pushed back a few weeks. It now comes out on April 28.

Ronan Harris says the delay is due to production issues. However, he plans to release the album’s second single “very soon.”

VNV Nation will release their next studio album Electric Sun on April 14, 2023, according to new information shared on social media by frontman Ronan Harris. The album was initially planned for February but pushed back a few months for a variety of reasons that include global supply chain issues and illness.

Prior to the album’s release, VNV will unveil “a series of singles” starting in mid-February. VNV also shared music from Electric Sun for the first time, a portion of a track called “Sunflare.” It’s dark and foreboding with a thumping beat.

We don’t have a complete tracklisting yet, but Ronan revealed a handful of other song titles. In addition to “Sunflare,” Electric Sun will include the tracks:

  • Electric Sun
  • Prophet
  • Run
  • At Horizon’s End

The new release date means that VNV Nation will be performing tracks from Electric Sun live at their European shows prior to the album’s release. The tour starts February 23 in Copenhagen. Toronto band Traitrs will open the shows.

Ronan’s comments about Electric Sun

Electric Sun is VNV Nation’s 11th album and the follow-up to their most recent release, Noire, which featured the songs “When Is the Future” and “All Our Sins.” Here is more information from Ronan himself about the album:

When I got around to sitting down and thinking of Electric Sun as a concept, I found myself living in a different world from the one I’d left in 2019. The album is the product of change and reflection, love, loss, toil, not-toil, learning and a pinch of soul-searching. I described it to my friend as the impressions left on me, these last years, left by what is right in front of everyone’s face but always seem to be missed. What’s truly important and how superficial everything had been were there in technicolor.

Electric Sun resonates deeply with me. There have been revelations and epiphanies in its making. There are sides to it where I’ve expressed things in ways I hadn’t until now. It’s allowed me to explore and reach new levels in the kind of music I make. I said on stage a few times that the next one would be darker.

Electric Sun release formats

Electric Sun will be released in a variety of formats. Like Noire, it will come in a limited edition boxset that sounds really exciting.

  1. CD Mediabook – Hardcover CD book with a 20-page booklet containing special artwork, lyrics and liner notes. (EU only. The US edition will be available in digipack format.)
  2. Double Vinyl LP – Regular and limited electric-blue vinyl editions, includes a fold-out poster, lyrics and liner notes (EU only or available as an import).
  3. Deluxe Limited Boxset – A high-quality collectors set, limited to 1,500 copies with exclusive artwork, a double vinyl album, the CD album, a 12″ with two extended versions, a deluxe 44-page hardcover book with beautiful illustrations by our long-term partners Rodolfo Reyes and Michal Karcz, lyrics and liner notes, and an exclusive 8x8cm metal emblem (EU only or available as an import).

VNV Nation says pre-order information is coming soon. The boxset and limited vinyl will be released in Europe and available in other countries as an export.

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