ACTORS – “Only Lonely”

ACTORS’ second album will be out in October.


Vancouver post-punk quartet ACTORS have a new song out today called “Only Lonely,” the latest single from their upcoming sophomore album. “Only Lonely” rips along with a mean bass guitar lick—it might be the funkiest ACTORS song I’ve heard yet.

The music video for “Only Lonely” features a Bonnie and Clyde-esque couple who get gothed up and travel through a montage of Natural Born Killers style footage. The ACTORS themselves appear at the end, battered and bound in a seedy-looking garage. Keyboardist Shannon Hemmett briefly eyes the protagonists like she’s about to whoop some ass. I hope there’s a sequel.

“Only Lonely” will appear on ACTORS’ long, long-awaited second album, Acts of Worship, which is finally coming out on October 1. It will also include previously released singles “Like Suicide,” “Love U More,” and “Strangers.”

You can find “Only Lonely” on Bandcamp and Spotify.

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