BLACKBOOK – “Nobody Home”

The opening riff is borrowed from Real Life’s “Send Me an Angel.”


Swiss band BLACKBOOK has a new song and video out called “Nobody Home.” It bears some strong ’80s influences, including an opening riff borrowed from Real Life’s “Send Me an Angel.”

The song opens with this fun line: “This used to be a busy street where freaks like you and I would meet,” then pivots to a chorus describing emptiness. It’s a compelling track that could be about urban redevelopment or mental illness, and there’s even a hint of pandemic-era desolation in lines like “This used to be the part of town where kids would go to hear the sound.”

“Nobody Home” is the second song we’ve heard this year from BLACKBOOK. They previously released a track in January called “Slowlove.” BLACKBOOK has yet to release a full-length album, though with six songs available, they’re getting close to having enough material.

BLACKBOOK burst onto the scene in 2018 with a bubbly track called “Love is a Crime,” but they really caught my attention in 2020 with their third song, “People Are Fake,” a bratty banger I included on my list of the best songs of the year. I’m really excited about this band and to see where they go.

You can find “Nobody Home” on Bandcamp, Spotify, and other platforms.

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