mind.in.a.box surprise-releases new song “Television Nation”

Whoa. This sounds like nothing I’ve ever heard.

mind.in.a.box - Television Nation

The incredible Austrian artist mind.in.a.box just dropped a brand new song called “Television Nation.” The best way I can think to describe this song is prog electronic. It sounds like nothing else I’ve ever heard, reconfirming that miab is one of the most exceptional and versatile artists making electronic music today.

You can find it on Bandcamp. Or watch the lyric video below.

“Television Nation,” is, weirdly, credited to both mind.in.a.box and THYX, the two projects from mastermind Stefan Poiss. He has yet to clarify why it’s credited that way of if the song will appear on a forthcoming album from either project. In 2019, miab teased that new music was coming this year.

The lyrics, a denunciation of TV as a holy figure, are told in the first-person: “On that great night I was born again, awash in sacred hues.” Could the narrator be a character from the mind.in.a.box saga, such as Mr. Black?

Josh Kreger wrote the lyrics. He replaced original miab lyricist Markus Hadwiger on miab’s most recent album, Broken Legacies.

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