New band NOPRISM releases bangin’ new song “Pantherbeat”

NOPRISM is a new band from Newcastle.


I stumbled across this song today while scouring Spotify for new finds. “Pantherbeat” is the latest track from NOPRISM, an indie-ish synth band based in Newcastle, England.

NOPRISM appears to have emerged last year with four singles that capture the good-times vibe of the Hacienda’s Madchester scene. Previous single “Happiness,” in particular, has the funky joy of a Happy Mondays song.

But “Pantherbeat” goes a bit darker. It piles on layers of stammering synths atop a thundering beat. The hook is a catchy jam: “Your heart stops, your body shakes.” There’s a big breakdown at the midway point where the synths blast off into twinkling madness. I love everything about it.

I haven’t found much info about NOPRISM. Their Spotify bio suggests they’re a duo who previously played in noise-driven guitar bands. They cite as influences Talking Heads, disco, Justice, and Carpenter Brut. Simon LeBon of Duran Duran is apparently a fan.

There’s no word yet if they’re planning to release a full-length album, but this is definitely a band to watch out for in 2021.

You can find “Pantherbeat” on Spotify and other digital platforms.

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