NOPRISM – “Order”

“Order” is the second single from NOPRISM this year.


One of my favorite discoveries of the year, the English band NOPRISM, has a new song out today called “Order.” The music video features kids at a rave “having the time of their lives.”

“Order” is the second single from NOPRISM this year. In January, they released a propulsive track called “Pantherbeat” that I included on my list of the best songs of the month.

I keep comparing NOPRISM’s sound to the legendary synthpop band New Order, but you can also hear influence from contemporary bands like Editors and Cut Copy. Both of their 2021 songs capture the good-times vibe of the Hacienda’s Madchester scene from which New Order emerged. While “Pantherbeat” felt a bit darker, “Order” goes for a clappier sound that reminds me more of Happy Mondays.

I’ve yet to find much information about NOPRISM other than they’re a duo from Newcastle, England. According to a magazine article, they are Andrew Young and Mark Nelson. I’m looking forward to hearing more from them.

You can find “Order” on Spotify.

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