Nine Seconds covers a Bronski Beat classic in new music video

I love this throbbing electro take on “Hit That Perfect Beat.”

Nine Seconds

Swiss electro band Nine Seconds has released a music video for their cover of Bronski Beat’s anthem, “Hit That Perfect Beat.” The original song was a high-energy dance track sang by John Foster, who joined the band after Jimmy Somerville left.

Nine Seconds have ramped up the percussion with throbbing bass and electronics that give the song an electro-industrial feel. I love it. The new music video features Corbijn-esque visuals that escalate the EBM tension.

Nine Seconds covers album coming May 29

The song is included on a new covers album that Nine Seconds plans to release on May 29. It’s called That Perfect Beat Will Tear Us Apart, and you can pre-order it at Bandcamp.

That Perfect Beat Will Tear Us Apart is all cover songs of ’80s synthpop classics. There are some real gems on here that range from well-worn tracks like “Love Will Tear Us Apart” to more obscure stuff like “Slice Me Nice” by Fancy, an artist I’ve never heard of.

The album cover illustration looks like a mashup of Joy Division’s iconic Unknown Pleasures artwork and Depeche Mode’s Construction Time Again.

Earlier this year, Nine Seconds released an EP that featured a few of their cover songs, including “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” and several remixes. You can find the EP on Spotify.

One of my favorite artists,, remixed “Love Will Tear Us Apart” for the EP and will be remixing “Lie to Me” on the album.

That Perfect Beat Will Tear Us Apart tracklisting

Here’s the complete tracklisting for That Perfect Beat Will Tear Us Apart, along with the original artist:

  1. Ricky’s Hand (originally by Fad Gadget)
  2. Hit That Perfect Beat (originally by Bronski Beat)
  3. Love Will Tear Us Apart (originally by Joy Division)
  4. Dr. Mabuse (originally by Propaganda)
  5. Slice Me Nice (originally by Fancy)
  6. 19 (originally by Paul Hardcastle)
  7. Lie To Me (originally by Depeche Mode)
  8. Living On Video (originally by Trans-X)
  9. No Shuffle (originally by Front 242)
  10. Lie To Me ( Remix)
  11. Black Saturday (I don’t recognize this song!)
  12. Dr. Mabuse (Club Mix)
  13. Living On Video (Membran 66 Remix)

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