Vanguard – “Inside”

“Inside” is the second single from Vanguard’s upcoming album.


Swedish synth duo Vanguard has a new song out today called “Inside” and an accompanying lyric video. They’ve also revealed that a new album is on the way.

“Inside” exemplifies everything I’ve grown to love about Vanguard. They straddle the line between traditional synthpop and modern futurepop with strong melodies and pulsating, trancy beats. On “Inside,” there are even some vocal distortions pulled straight out of harsh electro. This is a band combining broad influences into a fiery, cohesive sound. The “Inside” single includes an SITD remix that amps up the dark electro sound even further.

Earlier this year, Vanguard released a stunning song called “Ragnarok” that is among the best songs of 2021. Both songs are produced by German producer Rob Dust, who might just be my favorite electronic music producer in the world.

“Inside” and “Ragnarok” will appear on Vanguard’s fifth studio album. They haven’t announced the title or release date yet. It will follow Vanguard’s last album, Manifest, which was released in 2019. That album contained a big dancefloor stomper called “Riot.”

You can find “Inside” at Bandcamp and Spotify.

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