Vanguard reveal details of new album, Spectrum

Spectrum will include last year’s anthem “Ragnarök” and latest single “Move Out.”


The long-awaited new album from Swedish synth duo Vanguard finally has a release date. Spectrum is coming July 22. We also have Spectrum’s complete tracklisting and cover art. See below.

Vanguard had hoped to release Spectrum, one of the most anticipated synthpop albums of the year, back in the spring, but it has been delayed a few months. Here’s what the Bandcamp notes say about the release:

Vanguard are back with their unique catchy and danceable electropop sound. Hard beats mixed with melodic elements and strong melodies combined on one all new studio album. Spectrum is a must for fans that love electronic music with a dark nordic soul.

Spectrum includes the incredible single “Ragnarök”

Spectrum is Vanguard’s fifth studio album. It follows their previous full-length, Manifest, which was released in 2019. That album contained a big dancefloor stomper called “Riot.”

We’ve already heard three tracks from Spectrum, including the latest single “Move Out,” a fast-paced electronic anthem with themes touching on our foreboding times. The song’s bitter lyrics take aim at older generations: “You stand in our way, a lost generation, a monumental fail. You created history, but the future is ours.”

Last year, Vanguard released two floorkillers, “Ragnarök” and “Inside.” “Ragnarök” is an absolute banger named after the great battle in Norse mythology that leads to the end of the world, but they use the myth as a metaphor for our present-day global annihilation. It was among my favorite songs of the year.

Spectrum tracklisting

Vanguard’s new album, Spectrum, features nine songs:

  1. Open Sky
  2. Defeated
  3. Move Out
  4. Unreachable
  5. Ragnarök
  6. Inside
  7. No Return
  8. Enemy Inside
  9. When I Am Gone

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