Watch Black Nail Cabaret’s new music video, “My Casual God”

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Dark synth duo Black Nail Cabaret has one of the best albums of the year, Gods Verging on Sanity. Today, they released a new music video from the album that’s for the somber, beautiful song “My Casual God.”

Electronic Beats premiered the video, and singer Emese Orvai-Ill├ęs tells them the video footage was shot in the Romanian countryside when the pandemic allowed. The inspiration for the video, she says, is the phenomenon in which “the flow of everyday life encounters an unstable moment and reality is distorted for a short time, but then we climb out again. But by that moment, the source of frustration becomes dominant. This song is the moment, lasting 4 and a half minutes.”

“My Casual God” is Black Nail Cabaret’s second music video from Gods Verging on Sanity. At the start of the year, they released “No Gold.” They’ve also streamed some fantastic live performances during the pandemic.


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