Frozen Plasma releases new album early and new music video for “Westend”

“Westend” is from Frozen Plasma’s fourth album, Gezeiten.

Frozen Plasma

Whoa. Frozen Plasma just surprise-released their new album, Gezeiten. It’s not supposed to be out until next week. You can download and listen to it right now at Bandcamp.

Gezeiten is Frozen Plasma’s fourth studio album. The title is German for “tides,” and several songs on it have a nautical theme. Vasi Vallis says the album is ‚Äúrepresentative of the ebbs and flows of life.”

Watch the video for “Westend”

Frozen Plasma premiered a brand new music video today for the song “Westend.”

The song is about driving. Through the west end of town. There are sirens. The music video has synthwave-style graphics created by Vasi Vallis himself and featuring a neon-tinged Felix Marc as a “cool driver with sunglasses.”


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