Watch the new Reichsfeind video, “Persona”

Reichsfeind is working on his third album now.


German electro artist Reichsfeind is back with a new song and music video called “Persona.” It’s a dirty little stomper that blends elements of modern EDM and dark alternative dance.

“Persona” is the title track from a new Reichsfeind EP that also comes with a remix from Rob Dust and several remixes of earlier Reichsfeind songs. You can find the Persona EP on Bandcamp.

Reichsfeind has joined the Alfa Matrix roster, and they’ve re-released his entire back catalog. He is currently working on a new album for the label. They call his music “naughty, non-conformist and brimming with confidence.” Sounds about right.

Reichsfeind’s sophomore album, the dark and thumping Chasm Walk, was originally released in November 2019. ItĀ featured the excellent single “Anti.”

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