Hatari gets remixed by electro-industrial artists

Neyslutrans RemiXed contains 12 remixes of songs from Hatari’s debut album.


Hatari, the techno-industrial/BDSM-inspired/anti-authoritarian collective from Iceland, is an unexpected success story. They skyrocketed to global stardom in 2019 when they represented Iceland at the Eurovision Song Contest with their song, “Hatrið mun sigra.”

Though they finished in tenth place, they became local heroes in their home country. Icelandic children even cosplay as the members of Hatari.

But it was never really clear if Hatari embraced the gothic-industrial scene, despite mining influences from industrial music and its many offshoots. Matthías Haraldsson’s screamy vocals are straight outta aggrotech.

Wonder no more. Hatari has a new remix album out today that features remixes from some of the biggest names in the scene, including Leæther Strip, ESA, Matt Hart, and Klack.

The album, called Neyslutrans RemiXed, contains 12 remixes of songs that appeared on Hatari’s debut album, Neyslutrans, which came out in January 2020. Neyslutrans translates to Consumption Trance.

You can find Neyslutrans RemiXed on Bandcamp and Spotify.

Neyslutrans RemiXed tracklist and English translations

Here’s the complete tracklist along with the English translations.

  1. Engin Miskunn (No Mercy) – Leæther Strip Remix
  2. Þræll (Slave) – Klack Remix
  3. Hatrið Mun Sigra (Hatred Will Prevail) – VINDIMØDE Remix
  4. Klámstrákur (Filthy Boy) – Surgyn Remix
  5. Spillingardans (Corruption Dance) – ESA Remix
  6. Helvíti (Hell) – Caustic Remix
  7. Hlauptu (Run) – RECON Remix
  8. Klefi / صامد (Chamber/Steadfast) – MORIS BLAK Remix
  9. Engin Miskunn (No Mercy) – Cease2Xist Remix
  10. Niðurlút (Humbled) – MATT HART Remix
  11. Ógleði (Nausea) – The Gothsicles Remix
  12. 14 ár (14 Years) – SYNCOM Remix

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