New albums from Sixth June, Croona, and Hatari

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Sixth June
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Sixth June is a darkwave band from Berlin with Serbian origins. Their latest album, Trust, has some absolutely lovely tunes on it. My favorite track so far is an achingly beautiful song called “Nedge Neko,” which was released as a video earlier this week. The percussion on this reminds me a lot of Fever Ray’s first album.

Nobody Loves You
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Croona calls their music “aggropop,” and I can hear that instantly. It’s a heavier blend of futurepop that features a lot of different vocal styles, including some harsh, distorted vocals from the aggrotech realm. Ruined Conflict’s Xavier Morales guests on track 10, “Our Story.”

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Neyslutrans is the long-awaited debut album from Iceland’s Hatari. It contains “Hatrið mun sigra,” the song Hatari performed at Eurovision, and several new songs, including some interesting collaborations. There’s an Icelandic rapper on one track.


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