Hatari reveals cover art and tracklisting for debut album, Neyslutrans

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The Icelandic techno-industrial/BDSM-inspired/anti-capitalist collective Hatari just announced the release of their debut album. It’s called Neyslutrans, which translates to Consumption Trance.

The rumored release date is actually tomorrow, January 17. It’s official.

You can pre-order the CD at the official Hatari merch site.

Neyslutrans will include previously released tracks “Hatrið mun sigra,” “Klámstrákur,” “Spillingardans,” and “Klefi /صامد,” as well as several new tracks.

Hatari performed “Hatrið mun sigra” at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. They placed 10th. In October, they released a very NSFW video for their most recent single, “Klámstrákur.”

Neyslutrans full tracklisting along with English translations:

  1. Engin Miskunn (No Mercy)
  2. Spillingardans (Corruption Dance)
  3. Klámstrákur (Filthy Boy)
  4. Klefi / صامد (Chamber/Steadfast)
    featuring Bashar Murad
  5. Þræll (Slave)
  6. Hlauptu (Run)
    featuring CYBER
  7. Hatrið Mun Sigra (Hatred Will Prevail)
  8. Spectavisti Me Mori, Op. 8 (I Intend to Die)
    featuring Pétur Björnsson
  9. 14 Ár (14 Years)
  10. Ógleói (Nausea)
  11. Helvíti (Hell)
    featuring Svarti Laxness
  12. Nunquam Iterum, Op. 12 (Never Again)
    featuring Friðrik Margrétar
  13. Niðurlút (Humbled)
    featuring GDRN

Finally, check out the awesome cover of Neyslutrans:



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