Watch “Engin Miskunn,” the wild new video from Hatari

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Icelandic bondage-pop provocateurs Hatari have released several amazing videos, including “Spillingardans” and “Klámstrákur.” But their latest video, “Engin Miskunn,” may be their wildest one yet.

“Engin Miskunn” is the first track on Hatari’s debut album, Neyslutrans, and the video sees the members of Hatari witness some sort of ritual inside a Reykjavík mall. Dancer Andrean Sigurgeirsson performs a pretty sensual dance in the cereal aisle.

The song’s title, “Engin Miskunn,” translates to “No Mercy.” A comet hurtling towards earth appears several times in the video, and the song includes lyrics like, “Fire will consume your world.” Pure Hatari.


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