Hatari raise rainbow wings in Moscow, Russia

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Hatari’s rainbow wings capped off an incredible year for the Icelandic band.

The bondage-themed, anti-capitalist, techno-industrial collective performed at club Театръ in Moscow on November 16, 2019. Dancer Andrean Sigurgeirsson wore a striking pair of rainbow wings in defiance of Russia’s infamous anti-gay propaganda law that prohibits promotion of “non-traditional sexual relationships” to minors. In effect, the law discriminates against LGBTQ people in Russia and promotes a culture in which its LGBTQ citizens are routinely threatened, tortured, and murdered.

That image is amazing. It looks like something out of a Rammstein concert. For the record, Rammstein also defied Russia’s anti-gay law when they performed in Moscow in July.

Hatari represents sexual freedom, and some of its members belong to the LGBTQ community. Sigurgeirsson told The Reykjavík Grapevine that he felt scared for his life bringing the rainbow wings through the Moscow airport.

On Instagram, he posted, “This is for you, the brave, beautiful and kind-hearted human beings who are LGBTQ+ in Russia. Thank you for sharing your stories with me and I hope one day that Russia will rise from their hate and learn that love is simply love.” Read his entire post below.


Hatari has steadily released singles all year long, including: “Spillingardans,” “Hatrid Mun Sigra,” “Klefi / Samed (صامد)” (featuring queer Palestinian singer Bashar Murad), and most recently “Klámstrákur.”

In May, Hatari represented Iceland in the Eurovision Song Contest, where they performed “Hatrid Mun Singra.” They finished in 10th place.

Photo by Timofeeva Lenka.


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