Rein releases her debut album, Reincarnated

Rein says the album was inspired by The Matrix.


Swedish electronic artist Rein released her debut album today. It’s called Reincarnated, and it’s very high-energy, dark dance music with a strong science-fiction current.

Earlier this year, Rein said the album was inspired by The Matrix, though she’s also talked about how her personal experiences have shaped the direction of the album. She told The Electricity Club: “It’s a psychological, sci-fi, thriller masterpiece.”

She’s already released two music videos from the album, “Closer to Reality” and “Off the Grid.” Those videos form part of a cyberpunk narrative that features a lot of Matrix imagery. You can watch the videos here.

Rein is drawing a lot of comparisons to Nitzer Ebb for her shouty style vocals. But her influences are vast. I hear elements of techno and even Michael Jackson.

If you’re a fan of the mysterious synthpop band Priest, you may be surprised to learn that Priest puppetmaster (and new lead singer) Linton Rubino worked on this album. He’s credited as a writer on half the songs: “Reincarnate,” “Closer to Reality,” “Bodyhammer,” “Accelerate,” and “Limitless.”

You can find Reincarnated on Bandcamp and Spotify.

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