Beyond Border unveil two songs from next album, Gathering

Gathering will be out January 26. Listen to “Radiant” and “Journey” now.

Beyond Border

In recent weeks, the German music project Beyond Border has released two new songs that amp up anticipation for their next album, which is due out next year.

“Radiant” is an uplifting synthpop anthem that pays homage to the warmth of the sun. On Youtube, Beyond Border says, “Radiant describes this warm feeling of the first rays of sun on your skin and the endless security.” I included it on my list of the best songs of October.

Beyond Border’s newest song, “Journey,” arrived on Friday. It’s a bit harder edged with a trademark Iggi wail and an instantly memorable chorus: “For life is but a journey.” Beyond Border says of this track, “We are moving further and further forward on the path of life… have we made the right decisions? Can we still look forward to what is to come? Life is an exciting journey… it promises you some great moments if you are ready for them!”

You can find “Radiant” and “Journey” on Bandcamp and Spotify.

Gathering arrives in January 2024

Both songs will appear on Beyond Border’s next album, which is called Gathering. It forms the second part of their Welcome to the Future trilogy they began with 2021’s Awakening. Gathering was expected to be out this year, but it’s now moved into next year, making it one of the most anticipated albums of 2024.

Gathering will be out January 26. Prior to the album’s release, Beyond Border will unveil two more singles. Here’s how the notes describe Gathering (translated from German):

Beyond Border also remains true to their electronic style on Gathering. In doing so, they cleverly experiment with new sounds and structures that don’t always want to and shouldn’t correspond to the classic synthpop schema. Many of the songs provide insight into the singer’s deepest feelings, from claustrophobia to self-doubt to Iggi’s self-destructive tendencies. Lyrically it may not always be easy to digest, but the band always packs these topics into danceable and catchy anthems!

Beyond Border’s last release was a pair of EPs, Saint and Sinner. Saint features the j:dead-assisted banger “Jump Into the Fire.” I was very excited to learn that j:dead features on the new album on a track called “Part of Me.”

In 2020, I named Beyond Border the best new synthpop act of the year. Read my interview with the band to learn more about their background and their approach to music.

Beyond Border Gathering tracklisting

Below is the tracklisting for Beyond Border’s new album, Gathering. A limited-edition fan box will include remixes from Mental Discipline, Beyond Obsession, The Saint Paul, Teledeath, and others.

  1. Journey
  2. Radiant
  3. Hate Myself
  4. Part Of Me (feat. J:dead)
  5. How Come
  6. Fever
  7. New Start
  8. Claustrophobia (feat. Toal)
  9. It’s Better This Way
  10. Let’s Just Live
  11. Mr. Nice Guy
  12. Dark Communion

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