Chvrches cover The Lost Boys theme, “Cry Little Sister”

“Cry Little Sister” is one of my favorite songs.


The Scottish synthpop trio Chvrches has been watching a lot of horror movies lately. Today, they released a cover of one of the best movie songs of all time, Gerard McMann’s “Cry Little Sister,” the theme song from the 1987 vampire film, The Lost Boys.

“Cry Little Sister” is all goth-rock bombast with dramatic organs and a children’s choir. It’s often mistaken for a Sisters of Mercy song. Chvrches give it a lighter, synthpop sound but retain the original song’s drama and mystery.

Chvrches recorded the track for a new Netflix movie called “Nightbooks” that is about a boy obsessed with scary stories who is trapped by an evil witch in her magical apartment.

The song comes hot on the heels of Chvrches’ latest album release, Screen Violence, which has a running theme about horror movies. They’ve also recently traded remixes with legendary horror movie director and composer John Carpenter, known for classics like The Thing and Halloween.

Chvrches are not the first band to cover “Cry Little Sister.” It’s a favorite among artists in the dark music scene and has previously been covered by Blutengel and Ashbury Heights.

You can find Chvrches’ version of “Cry Little Sister” on Spotify.

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