Clan of Xymox releases new song “Lovers”

The Lovers EP includes excellent remixes from Hante and ACTORS.

Clan of Xymox

UPDATE: There’s now a music video for “Lovers.”

The video, which I believe is set in Amsterdam, features a couple who faces a tragic situation. It’s very touching.


PREVIOUS: Darkwave legends Clan of Xymox have a new song out today called “Lovers.” The release includes a set of remixes from Hante, ACTORS, and Selofan. That ACTORS remix is spectacular.

You can find “Lovers” on Spotify.

“Lovers” is the latest single from Clan of Xymox. In February, they released “She.” They have yet to announce if the two songs will appear on a new album. The last Clan of Xymox album, Days of Black, came out in 2017.

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